2020 Yearbook Ads

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For example “Co” will find all names and breeds that contain the letters “co” whether it is Coomer or Rosecomb, etc.

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American Poultry Association147
Ameraucana Breeders Club148Ameraucana
Ameraucana Breeders Club149Ameraucana
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association150
Hamilton, Aaron
Wojtkowiak, Steve152
Ameraucana Alliance153Ameraucana
Chatthoochee Valley Poultry Association154
Arkansas University155
Baker, Aaron156Buckeye LF
Buckeye Bantam
WF Black Spanish LF
Patterson, Bill
157Black Rosecomb
BB Red Rosecomb
Millie Fluer d'Uccles
Bearded White Silkies
American Black Serama
Malaysian Serama
Chicken Riddle (Bridget Riddle)158
Chicken Riddle (Bridget Riddle)159
Gates, Brian160
Coomer, Stephanie161Black Cochins
Blue Cochins
Black Orpingtons
Self Blue Orpingtons
Bourbon Red Turkeys
Canadian Valley Poultry Association162
Botkia, Clayton163
ADM Feed164
Castle, Dan165Black Australorp Standards
Buff Brahma Bantams
Bischof, Don166Gold Sebright
Silver Sebright
Dark Cornish
White Cornish
10 varieties of Modern Games
Old English Games in BB Red, Black, Brown Red, Lemon Blue & White
Black Rosecombs
Buff Cochins
Sempr Fi Fowl (Ashley LeJuene)167
McKinnon, Crystal167
Driggers, David168
Dog River Bantams (Mark Podgwaite)169Black Cochin Bantams
White Cochin Bantams
Black Cochin Large Fowl
Newendyke, Phillip170Speckled Sussex Large Fowl
White Chantecler Bantams
Modern Game Bantams in Black, BB Red, & Wheaton
Boy's Toy Bantams (Leo Dunn)170Japanese Bantams in
Black Tail White
Black Tail Buff
Neuse River Waterfowl (Chris Ervay)171Japanese Bantams
Chinese Geese
Forhan, Jodi (Muddy Horse Farm)172Large fowl Silver Pencil Rocks
Large Fowl Silver Pencil Wyandotte
Large fowl Silver Laced Wyandotte
Large fowl Birchen Modern
Large fowl Russian Orloff
Brown Chinese geese
White Runners
Bantam Birchen Modern
Bantam Silver Pencil Wyandotte
Bantam Silver Laced Wyandotte
Bantam Partridge Wyandotte
Rossman, Gary173Black Australorp Large Fowl
Bantam Ameraucanas in Blue, Black & White
Exhibition Poultry Magazine174
Reese, Frank (Good Shephard Ranch)175
Cackle Hatchery176
Heartland Farms177
Heart of the Ozarks Poultry Association178
Heart of the Ozarks Poultry Association179
Abrahamsen, Marty180
Patterson, Jonathan181White Wyandotte Large Fowl
Rose Comb White Minorcas Large Fowl
Buff Cochin Large Fowl
White Plymouth Rock Bantams
Bacher, Lewis (Elysian Fields)182
Anderson, Dale (Dart Browning)182
Schaerer, Beau183
Ho Hum Farms ( George Beyer)183
James, Janice184Dominique
Pope, Mary Ann (Little Flock Farm)185Rhode Island Reds
Black Orpingtons
Buff Orpingtons
Edwards, Leigh186Swedish Flower Hens
Two Bits Farm & Kennel (Jennifer Bittner)187All Accepted Marans varieties
Marans Unlimited188Marans
Maria's Jersey Giants (Maria Hall)189Jersey Giants in Black, Splashed and nicely laced Blue
Bronze Turkeys
Peterson, Mark190Light Brahma large fowl
Black Cochin bantams
Birchen Modern Game bantams
Horton, Lou191Bantam Wyandottes in Black, White & Partridge.
Large Fowl Buff Wyandotte
Bantam Call ducks in Gray, White, Pastel Blue Fawn
Black East Indie
Martin, Matt192
Shelton, Bryan193African Geese
White Wyandottes
Silver Pencilled Wyandottes
Murray McMurray (Bud Wood)194
Rynish, Nate195
Ohio National196
National Jersey Giant Club197Jersey Giant
Cargel Nutrena198
Reeder Run (Paul Gilroy)199
Oklahoma State Poultry Association200
McCary, Chris (Red Feather Farm)201
Trombley, Ramona202
Rademacher, Adrian203
Bluebonnet Classic204
Klein Poultry Extravaganza204
Saulk Trail Poultry Club205
Adams, Scott206
Smith Poultry Supplies207
Lotta, Scott207
Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities209
Gary, Ricky210
Pesata, Skip (Hen House)211
Rhode Island Red Club of America210Rhode Island Red
Britt, Terry212
Watercolor Farm213
Anderson, Dave214
Anderson, Dave215
Wulff, Samantha216
Lowman, Zack (Catawba Poultry)217
United Orpington Club218Orpington
Ulanch, Angela219
Stella Frances Farm (Sarah Batz)219
National Sebastopol Geese Association220Sebastopol
National Sebastopol Geese Association221Sebastopol
Lund Poultry222
The Exhibitor 223
Faverolles of USA
Tate, Jason224
Calenardhon Farms224
Stevenson, Kathy225
Laatsch, Jim225
Brett, Jan226White Crested Black Polish
White Crested Blue Polish
Bearded Buff Laced Polish
Brett, Jan227White Crested Black Polish
White Crested Blue Polish
Bearded Buff Laced Polish
Rockin' R Ranch (Rob Newburn)228
Lutz, Keith228
Majias, Sabrina229
Gilbert, Mike (Red Stag Acres)229
Couch, Julie230
Jones, Chris231
Double L Farms (Cassie Tull)231
Jonas, Dwayne & Melody232
Jonas, Dwayne & Melody233
Comanche Crossroads
Hare, Rick235
Jacky, Diane 236
Kavanaugh, Sandy (Hens Haven)237
Keegan, Conor238
Sherman, Bruce239
Monaco, John240
Plumer, Katherine241
Premier 1 (Joe Putnam)242
J&J Structures (Jim Hall)243
J&J Call Ducks & Indies ( Jack Robertson)243
Ulrich, Matt244
Youth Exhibition Poultry Association (YEPAP245
Silver Spring Waterfowl (Kathy Hopkins)246
Marquette, Joe247
Heinrichs, Christine247
Tinsley & Harp248
Myers, Dennis249
Farthing, Fred250
Chicken Keepers for A-holes. 250
American Langshan Club251Langshan
Sky High Sumatras (Raven Myers)252
Golden Feather Farms (Tom Roebuck)252
Marans Chicken Club USA253Marans
American Buckeye Club254Buckeye