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Paid APA members have access to the old Standards of Excellence and Standards of Perfection that are in public domain at institutional libraries. Obviously, these are not the most current standards for the breeds but are of interest to the membership.

Please be aware the while many of these old standards are in the public domain, not all of them are. Newer editions (late 1940’s forward) are not and as such should not be duplicated in any way. Also please do not use the standard descriptions in these old standards as a guide in evaluating and culling your birds. The standards have been changed periodically over the years You should refer to the most current version of the Standard of Perfection for accurate information.

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1874 Standard of ExcellenceView
1910 Standard of Perfection (Smith artwork)View
1910 Standard of Perfection - Revised (Sewell artwork)View
1910 Standard Bred Rhode Island RedsView
1910 Standard Bred WyandottesView
1911 Standard Bred OrpingtonsView
1911 Standard Bred LeghornsView
1911 Standard Bred Plymouth RocksView
1911 History of the Sussex Fowl - with StandardsView
1914 The CampinesView
1915 Standard of PerfectionView
1915 Standard of Perfection Adopted ChangesView
1915 Plymouth Rock Standard Breed BookView
1915 Wyandotte Standard Breed BookView
1953 Standard of PerfectionView