2021 Semi-Annual Breeder Auction Donations

APA 2021 Semi-Annual Meet Breeder Auction Donations

Dayton Fancy Feather Club Spring Show

April 24-25 2021 Greenville, Ohio

Results of the breeder auction are below. All donations go to the 150th Anniversary Celebration. Thank you to all of the donors!

Danny and Norma PadgettLarge White Rock Pair$90 Patrick Norton
Danny and Norma PadgettLarge Brown Red Modern Game Pair$150 Bill Squire
Danny and Norma PadgettBlack Muscovy Pair$220 Logan Squire
Tom CareyGolden Sebright Pair$200 Alvia Kinney
Billy GroomsBlack Old English Bantam Pair$75 Matt Lhamon
Jonathan Patterson15 White Wyandotte chicks$220 Kathy Ashcroft
Vic StirnamanModern Game Bantam Pair $75 David West
Stephanie CoomerBlack Orpingon Pair$50 Eric Shellhouse
Stephanie CoomerBlack Orpingon Pair$70 Eric Shellhouse
David and Gwen DriggersLarge Rhode Island Red Pair$140 Katlyn Rogier
Tammy Groleau NewlinDominique Large Fowl$40 Calenardhon Farms
Julie BlackWhite Chantecler Eggs$55 Lisa Podgwaite
Lucas & Amy GabbardAmerican Buff Eggs$100 El Morse
Lucas & Amy GabbardRed Pyle Modern Game Eggs$45 Lillian Parsell
Lucas & Amy GabbardBB Red Modern Game Eggs$35 Lillian Parsell
Tim BallengerBlue Langshan$175 Cassandra Everly