APA Points System

Calculated Points are cumulative.

  • Example: if a bird wins Class Champion, Champion Large Fowl, Champion Landfowl and Reserve of Show at an Annual Meet the calculation would be 25+2+2+1 = 30 points awarded for this one bird.

There is one wrinkle in the calculation. Class points are awarded only if they meet one of two criteria.

  1. If a bird wins anything above the Class level, then points are awarded regardless of number of birds shown.  
    1. Example: the bird that wins Class Champion, Champion Large Fowl, Champion Landfowl and Reserve of Show then all the points in appropriate slots would be awarded, regardless of how many birds were entered in the Class.  At an Annual Meet that would be 25+2+2+1 = 30 points awarded for this one bird.
  2. If a bird’s highest win is Class level, the points are awarded only if there are more than the minimum number shown in the Minimums for Class Points table.
    • Example: if the bird wins SCCL and there are only 35 exhibited, then no points are awarded for this win.
    • Example, if the bird wins SCCL  and there are 115 entered, then 25 points would be awarded.
Minimums for Class Points to be Awarded
Bantams (including bantam ducks)50 birds shown in competition
Large Fowl     25 birds shown in competition
Guinea Fowl    10 birds shown in competition
Turkeys     10 birds shown in competition
Ducks (excluding bantam ducks)25 birds shown in competition
Geese      10 birds shown in competition
Bantam Trios     20 trios shown in competition
Large Fowl Trios   10 trios shown in competition
Duck Trios     10 trios shown in competition
Goose Trios     10 trios shown in competition
Turkey Trios     10 trios shown in competition
Guinea Fowl Trios   10 trios shown in competition
Wins Eligible for PointsPoints Awarded Based on Type of Meet
Class Champion2515105
Class Reserve12752
Champion Large Fowl2222
Reserve Large Fowl1111
Champion Bantam2222
Reserve Bantam1111
Champion Guinea2222
Reserve Guinea1111
Champion Turkey2222
Reserve Turkey1111
Champion Land Fowl2222
Reserve Land Fowl1111
Champion Duck2222
Reserve Duck1111
Campion Goose2222
Reserve Goose1111
Champion Waterfowl2222
Reserve Waterfowl1111
Champion of Show2222
Reserve of Show1111


Class numbers shown and point allocations. For some shows, especially smaller venues, the numbers of birds shown in a division (large fowl, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl) may actually be less than the number required for a qualified class champion. In those cases, the division champions or higher would not receive the show points, but would be allotted the extra champion points. Example: In a show where there are two ducks and two geese, neither division even meets the minimum number of class entries for those two categories. The two birds in each category would get 1 and 2 points respectively for having champion and reserve of the division. If one of these birds would go on to win show champion, then the show points (5, 10, 15 or 25) would be restored and allotted to the winners. 

Show division accommodation and point allocations. For shows where not all categories of poultry are allowed or accommodated, the additional master exhibitor points for Landfowl, waterfowl or show champions may be withheld or not allocated due to limitations on competition. For example, at an All Bantam Show which does not provide for exhibits of large fowl, waterfowl, turkeys or guinea fowl, the top two bantam champions would be eligible for master exhibitor points for bantams, but not the extra points for Landfowl, waterfowl or show champions, because there was not the opportunity for competition with those groups. All-Breed or similarly focused shows where only representatives of a single breed or category (e.g. waterfowl) are provided for shall be eligible for master exhibitor points matching their focus. For example, at an All Old English Game Bantam show, the champions would be eligible for points associated with a qualified class champion (=show points) but not additional points for Champion or Reserve Bantam, Landfowl or Show champions would be allotted. 

Other exhibitor point adjustments or requirements. Awarding of Master Exhibitor Points is contingent upon shows meeting the other selected requirements of sanctioned show as outlined in the APA Constitution and Bylaws, the APA Show Guidelines. Some of these include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sanctioned show judges. The judging slate at shows must meet the license requirements for a sanctioned meet in order for master exhibitor points to be allotted. 
  • The exhibitor must be a current member of the American Poultry Association in order to be eligible for master exhibitor points: ·Exhibitors should note that if membership in the APA lapses, then they would lose all exhibitor points earned, and would start over if they rejoined after some period of time.
  • When entering a show, the exhibitor must use the exact name that appears on the membership list for the points to be allocated correctly. 
  • As stated per the APA Show guidelines, the exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor in order for them to be awarded master exhibitor points. 
  • Master exhibitor points will be awarded based on the available information provided on the APA show report. If it is not possible to determine eligible class, division or show champions, then those points will not be allotted.

Master exhibitor points are not awarded for Junior Show winners.  APA Junior members that are showing and winning in an open show are eligible to earn master exhibitor points along with Annual and Endowment Trust Life Members.