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Mark Fields
Dominique LF
Dominique Bantam
White Dorking LF
S.C. Ancona LF
Nankin Bantams
David Turner
I am selling my entire lifelong collection of poultry. This includes Large Cochins, Lakenvelders, Spitzenhabens and Nankin bantams07/01/202008/01/2020
Mr. Someother ChapDominique large fowl, two lines.
eggs or started birds. A few adults at the fall shows.
30° Farm, Bryan Shelton167
Acorn Hollow Bantams213
Adams Angus Ranch (Scott Adams)229
ADM Pen Pals179
Ameraucana Breeders Club241
American Buckeye Poultry Club174-175

Anderson, Dave 236-237

APA 239
Araucana Club of America245
Ashcroft, Kathryn210
Ausable Fancy Poultry & Old School Poultry169
Bates Poultry (Jacob Bates)195
Beaty & Diaz Poultry181
Bischof, Don232
Books by Christine Heinrichs201
Boys' Toy Bantams190
C. Botkin Enterprises Ltd.173
Canadian Valley Poultry - Mega Show186
Chantecler Fanciers International233
Chicken Keeping for A-Holes226
Chicken Riddle - Bridget Riddle184-185

Chris Jones Poultry Artist180
Comanche Crossroads - 4 Show Expo172
Couch, Julie & Robert 230
Cross Road Poultry - Dan Castle189
Dart Browning Poultry (Dale & Carrie Anderson)180
Davenport, Howard244
Dixie Classic Poultry Show (TN Valley Poultry Club)198
Dog River Bantams (Mark & Lisa Podgwaite)191
Janice JamesDominique Bantams
A few adult bantams available.
No eggs or chicks.
Dooms, Mark & Jen 169
Double L Farms (Nick & Cassie Tull-Thonen)193
Dragon Lady Oriental Fowl239
Exhibition Poultry Magazine220
Farthing, Fred202
Faverolles of USA200
Folkloric Bantams (Jan Brett)246-247

Good Shephard Poultry Farm (Bob Reese)243
Greer, Lacy187
Heartland Farm199
Hens Haven (Sandy Kavanaugh)228
Ho Hum Farm (George Beyer)240
Homestead Poultry Feeds (Hubbard)234
In Memory of Clifford Douglas252
In Memory of Jerry Yeaw250-251

In Memory of Shirley Hare262
In Memory of Walt Leonard253-261

Jonas, Dwayne & Melody 170-171

Katherine Plumber Fine Art207
Keegan, Conor 205
Ladd Poultry Farm (Larry Dye)209
Leigh Schilling Edwards176
Little Flock Farm (Mary Ann Pope)215
Lund Poultry194
Malone, Patrick217
Marans Chicken Club USA168
Marans Unlimited (Bev Robertson, Sandy Siegfried)218
Maria's Jersey Giants182-183

Monaco, John212
Murray McMurray219
Murray, Tylor240
Myers, Dennis234
National Sebastopol Geese Assoc.192
Neuse River Waterfowl (Chris Ervay197
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation188
Patterson, Bill & Sheree 214
Patterson, Jonathan213
Pearl River Classic166
Peterson, Larry & Mark 225
Poultry Art by Diane Jacky222
Premier 1 Supplies223
Radmacher,Adrian & Mary Ann 224
Red Feather Farmadded
Reeder Run Poultry (Paul Gilroy)221
RIR Club (Skip Pesata)230
Robert Steen Poultry Memorabilia242
Rockin R Ranch (Rob Newburn)201
Rolltide Poultry (Hacketts)227
Russian Orloff Society USA-CANADA187
Schacherer Orpingtons202
Sherman, Bruce & Janice248
Silver Spring Waterfowl ( Kathy Hopkins)196
Smith Poultry Supplies200
The Exhibitor (Caroly Ridler, Mark Camilleri)216
The Hen House (Skip Pisata)231
The National Jersey Giant Club of America177
The Ohio National165
The Sunshine Ranch211
Tinsley & Harp (Jill Harp, John Tinsley)238
Trombley, Ramona167
Twin City Poultry Supplies190
TWOBITTS Farm & Kennel (Bittner)206
Ulrich, Matt & Joe 204
Watercolor Farm (Joe & Cindy Gaston)235
Watson, Merle216
Yellow House Farm (J. Marquette & Robert Gibson)211
Youth Exhibition Poultry Assn. (YEPA)178