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AR Nov 4 Heart of the Ozarks-Contact
CA April 28 Sun Valley Poultry Club- Contact
CA Feb 24
Great California Society Poultry Fanciers- Contact
CA Feb 2-4 Pacific Poultry Breeders Association - Contact
CA Jan 13-14 California Classic-Contact
FL Mar 31 Central Heritage Poultry Classic- Contact
FL Feb 24 Orange Blossom Special-Florida -Contact
GA Feb 17-18 CVPA 15th Annual Winter Show- Contact
GA Jan 20 NEGPF All Breed Poultry Show- Contact
IN Oct 20 Central Indiana Poultry Show - Contact
KY Nov 17 Appalachian Fall Classic- Contact
OH Apr 28-29 Dayton Feather Fancier Club-Contact
OK Nov 3 CVPC Mega Show-Contact
OK Dec 8 Oklahoma State Poultry Federation-Contact
OK Feb 3 2018 CVPC State Show- Contact
OK Nov 17-18 North American Poultry Breeders Show- Contact
OR June 1-2 Oregon Spring Invitational- Contact
PA Oct 13 Lebanon Valley Show-Contact
SC Mar 28 Tens Governor Classic- Contact
SC Dec 15 Low Country Classic -Contact
TX Jan 6 Blue Bonnet Classic-Contact
TN/WA Dec 1-2 Cochin International 2018 National Meet- Washington and Tennessee -Contact
TN Dec 6-7 Tennessee Valley Poultry Club