Breeds and Varieties

Please refer to the APA Standard of Perfection for breed/variety details
Glossary:  SCCL (Single Comb Clean Leg), RCCL (Rose Comb Clean Leg), AOCCL (All Other Comb Clean Leg)
              RC (Rose Comb), SC (Single Comb)
Ancona Single Comb SCCL
Ancona Rose Comb RCCL
Ameraucana Black, Blue, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red AOCCL
American Game White, Birchen, Black, Blue, Blue Red, Brown Red, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duckwing, Red Pyle, Silver Duckwing Game Class
Andalusian Blue SCCL
Aracuna Black, Black Breasted red, Golden Duckwing, White, Silver Duckwing RCCL
Australorp Black SCCL
Belgian Bearded D'Uccle Black, Golden Neck, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Porcelain, Self Blue, White Feather Leg
Belgian Bearded d'Anver Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Porcelain, Quail, Self Blue, White RCCL
Booted (Non-bearded) Black, Mille Fleur, Porcelain, Self Blue, White Feather Leg
Brahma Light, Dark, Buff Feather Leg
Buckeye One Variety Only AOCCL
Campine Golden, Silver SCCL
Catalana Buff SCCL
Chantecler White, Partridge AOCCL
Cochin White, Black, Barred, Birchen, Blue, Brown Red, Buff, Splash, Columbian, Golden Laced, Mottled, Red, Silver Laced, Partridge, Brown Feather Leg
Cornish Black, Blue Laced Red, Buff, Dark, Mottled, Spangled, White, White Laced Red AOCCL
Crevecoeur Black AOCCL
Cubalaya Black, White, Black Breasted Red AOCCL
Delaware One Variety Only SCCL
Dominique One Variety Only RCCL
Dorking-SC Silver Gray, Colored SCCL
Dorking- RC White RCCL
Dutch Light Brown, Silver, Blue Cream Light Brown, Blue Light Brown Dutch, Black,
Cream Light Brown
Favorelles Salmon, White Feather Leg
Hamburg Black, Golden Penciled, Golden Spangled, White, Silver Penciled, Silver Spangled RCCL
Holland Barred, White SCCL
Houdan Mottled, White AOCCL
Japanese Barred, Black, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tailed White, Brown Red, Gray Birchen, Mottled, Wheaten, White SCCL
Java Black, Mottled SCCL
Jersey Giant Black, White SCCL
KO Shamo Wheaten AOCCL
LaFleche Black AOCCL
Lakenvelder One Variety Only SCCL
Lamona White SCCL
Langshan Black, Blue, White Feather Leg
Leghorn SC Barred, Black, Black Tailed Red, Buff, Columbian, Red, Dark Brown, Golden, Light Brown, Silver, White SCCL
Leghorn RC Black, Buff, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Silver, White RCCL
Malay Black Black Breasted Red, White, Red Pyle, Spangled, Wheaten (female) AOCCL
Minorca-SC Black, Buff, White SCCL
Minorca-RC Black, White RCCL
Modern Game Black, Blue, Birchen, Red Pyle, Splash, Wheaten, Black Breasted Red, Blue Breasted Red, Brown Red, Golden Duckwing, Lemon Blue, Silver Blue,
Silver Duckwing, Ginger Red
Modern Game
Naked Neck White, Buff, Red SCCL
Nankin-SC One Variety Only RCCL
Nankin-RC One Variety Only SCCL
New Hampshire One Variety Only SCCL
Old English Game Black, Birchen, Blue, Brassy Back, Brown Red, Crele, Columbian, Cuckoo, Ginger Red, Blue Brassy Back, Blue Breasted Red, Blue Golden Duckwing, Blue Silver Duckwing, Fawn Silver Duckwing, Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Buff, Golden Duckwing, Lemon Blue, Mille Fleur, Quail, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Silver Blue, Silver Duckwing, Spangled, Wheaten, White, Blue Wheaten Game Class
Orpington Buff, White, Blue, Black SCCL
Phoenix Golden, Silver SCCL
Plymouth Rock Barred, Black, Blue, Buff, Columbian, Partridge, White, Silver Penciled, Black SCCL
Polish-Bearded Golden, Silver, White, Buff Laced AOCCL
Polish-Non Bearded Golden, Silver, White Crested Black, White Crested Blue, Buff Laced, White AOCCL
Redcap One Variety Only RCCL
Rhode Island Red SC One Variety Only SCCL
Rhode Island Red RC One Variety Only RCCL
Rhode Island White One Variety Only RCCL
Rosecomb White, Blue, Black RCCL
Sebright Silver, Golden RCCL
Serama White SCCL
Shamo Wheaten, Black, Black Breasted Red AOCCL
Silkie (Non-Bearded) Black, Buff, Gray, Partridge, White Feather Leg
Silkie-Bearded Black, Blue, Buff, Gray, Partridge, Splash, White, Self Blue Feather Leg
Spanish White Faced Black SCCL
Sultan White Feather Leg
Sussex Light, Red, Speckled SCCL
Welsummer Partridge SCCL
Wyandotte Black, Blue, Buff, White, Columbian, Buff Columbian, Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Silver Penciled, Partridge RCCL
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